contractual and commercial services in Asia

S&G Asia Incorporated – Contractual and Commercial Services

S&G Asia, Inc – Contracts and Commercial Management Services for Construction and Development Projects

Headquartered in Manila, S&G Asia is an organization established to provide Contractual and Commercial Management Services to companies engaged in Development, Construction and related activities within the Asia Pacific region and further afield.

Our services include: Development Cost Planning, Due Diligence, Contracts Formulation, Claims Management, Management of Cost and Risk, Dispute Avoidance, Management and Resolution.

S&G Asia, Inc is committed to providing optimum quality to their Client by providing a bespoke service to suit the Client’s requirements. To achieve this, S&G Asia strives to work closely with clients to identify and meet their specific needs.

S&G Asia, Inc’s directors are experienced Construction professionals each with over 30 years of experience their respective occupations, much of which has been within the Asia Pacific region.

Geographic Areas of Operation

S&G Asia, Inc is based in the Philippines and operates throughout the Asia Pacific Region and globally. The Directors of S&G Asia, Inc have extensive experience in construction and engineering throughout the Asia Pacific region and further afield, including projects based in the following countries: Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Brunei, Guam, United Kingdom, Germany, El Salvador, Argentina, Jamaica, Grenada, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait and Kenya.